Kitesurfing when it is cold

Sometimes in Mallorca it’s cold, anyone who lives here knows it and can tell. Is it an option to do kitesurfing when it is cold?

One is free to choose, not always in this life, of course, but, to go kitesurfing, still yes. That … if your work and family allows it, of course, and your pocket … but even counting with all that … it’s worth kitesurfing into stormy weather?

It is well known that here in Mallorca it is sometimes cold. Then it is when the human body, – a normal human – wants to get warm, even more, wants to refuge under a roof if it is raining … isn’t it.

But if you’re kitesurfer, here things change. Why? Well, because there is a lot of hunger for wind, when it blows, it blows, and there are unforgiving guys out there.

And that was it, today April 27, already springtime, but suddenly temperatures go down to 12 degrees, it rains all day and the wind does not drop below 25 knots, so that at 12 degrees right at the beach the so called 12 Celsius it is only in an anecdote … because the thermal sensation is already barely 5 or 6 degrees,  and add to this that … it’s raining, raining hard.

Just a couple of photos to adorn this blog entry, dedicated with love to those desperate of life who do not fear the cold or anything!

1 kitesurf-in-Mallorca-raining-and-with-cold

It’s 12 o’clock, it’s raining pretty hard and the sensation of cold is more than evident, when a kite get launched in Sa Marina beach. How will the day be that there is hardly any visibility … but despite the inclement weather, the kitesurfer beast, hit the water and starts planning

2 to-be-of-despairing-pa-this-kitesurfing-sensation-thermal-5-degrees-

and … two more who join the party. Ole! there the guys to whom the bad weather just makes them laugh about!

3 two-more-they-join-to-the-first-kite-in-bad-weather

Will that be necessary? Are you so wind hungry? Would not be better to get in when the weather is good and there is that nice summer breeze of 8 to 12 knots where all invites to kitesurf? … It will not be that on account of so many days lost during summer because all what you have is a kite of 12 meters as a large size and a board of 135×40 which will not go to the planning more than only in the glorious 15 minutes of grace that thermal wind offer us from time to time, and now, of course, the longing that you have accumulated does not even allows you to think clearly?

There is many misinformed people in this life.  And though they can see us, me and other club members with our 19 and 21 sq meter foil kites they stubbornly do not want to learn the lesson?

Anyway … Weirder things have been seen, for example in Squamish, a kitespot in Canada where in the middle of summer and in one of those days really warm, the water is at 8 degrees … I guess some guys here in mallorca would not miss a single 8 Celsius navigation just for ignoring our big foil kites.

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And … if it’s about sailing in winter …

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