Price of kitesurfing lessons



book-kitesurfing-lessons-mallorca-best-price 9 horas

Beginner – A Level   3 hours 135 euros

The price for one hour kite lessons is 45 euros.

Special price 35 € discount!

Including on your membership fee of the Kite club Aprende a Navegar
you have included  the first free 3 hours of kite lessons.

Pay only 100 euros and get both your 3 hours of kite lessons and your membership.
Your one year membership fee is only optional renewable.

Basic Course – B Level   two days 6 hours     270 euros
Full course –    C Level    three days 9 hours 405 euros


The price for the complete 9-hour kite course is 300 euros.

If you plan a kite, course on Mallorca if possible, please contact us well in advance.

This helps us to program your booking and also to avoid missing the best wind conditions
during your stay on the island.

Your kite course includes the use of harness, neoprene, different kite sizes, kiteboard,
RC and accident insurance.
If you have your own kite equipment, as a member of our kite club, your subsequent practices
will be monitored without further economic costs


Clinics and additional kite lessons

If you are interested in taking more hours of kitesurfing lessons to perfect your style,
to learn kiting upwind, to learn your first jumps or new maneuvers, you can formalize it
through MALLORCA Kiteschool

It is recommended to take three days of kite lessons to get the necessary control over
the kite to get up on the kiteboard, to have the first successful rides in both directions
and become independent.

The lessons are provided at a rate of 3 hours per day.
These days do not have necessarily to be consecutive, but it is not advisable to leave too much time.