Risk is inherent to life, risks are everywhere, -especially if you practice kitesurfing-, risks are present in our normal daily life.   Some of us are more willing to take some risk, risks that may seem unnecessary to others, by the way …

We, kitesurfers, should know well what risk is an where it is.   We do accept risks from the very first moment in which we decide to go kitesurfing, and in fact to be honest, risks are an important part of our kitesurfing life.

A different thing is the amount of risk that you may be willing to accept

We are going to list the most obvious risks when it comes to kitesurfing.  These risks are inherent to sport but for this reason we should neither underestimate nor ignore them 


1.-  Choosing the wrong time or place to navigate -not excuse about this two scenarios, no question about it-

2.-  Fail while launch or landing -not excuse about this, everything must be done smooth and precisely-  

3.-  Getting overpowered -evidently this is something which can happen but you don’t want to-

4.- Getting underpowered -this may left you on the outside, perhaps windless and unable to come back to shore-

5.-  Hurting yourself while jumping -never underestimate the wind force neither your level of control-


As you may have noticed, I have just published here 5 of the interminable list of risks that I could have chosen but basically, those are the risks that we should start wondering about when we go kitesurfing

Now start thinking about each one of them.   How important are they?   Would you change the order in the list?    Can you think of any other risk that is missing from that list but is essential?

Needless. really the list is the most accurate possible.  Now, as a final exercise, I am going to ask you to think about each one of them separately.  This should get a better awareness of you the next time you go kitesurfing 


Now, to end this entry to our kitesurfing blog at school we are going to see, in comparison, a different way of taking risks


A different story is, those who overcomed by their curiosity may do -how to call it?- perhaps … silly things?

I would rather say: not well tought things, such as … getting into a cage, go underwater and practice sharks watching, or even worse, feed them!

This activity is not frequent in our waters here in Mallorca, basically because these animals are not to be found in them, but however, there are many people who, in other latitudes,  decide to take that risk

Unnecessary? … perhaps you think it could be interesting?   or …. was just a matter of adrenaline? … 

They say that colors were made for tastes … therefore everyone should do his choice!

Let’s watch this story and let’s understand the message which is hidding between the lines …


I am one of those who has always thought that risks needs to be assumed, especially when there is no other choice, oh yes!   kitesurfing being the exception to the rule!

In any case, needless to say, we should have to be careful when we go kitesurfing, of course

Just click on the next link and see by yourself about the fish feeder …

A great white shark sneaks into a cage where there were some tourists trying to feed him