Respect the KITESURFING RULES so that we can prevent accidents on the beach and especially in the water.

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Try to always remember these rules.

1 Versuchen Sie sich immer an diese Regeln zu erinnern.


First Rule.- The kiters who sail outwards from the beach have the right of way to the kiters who sail from the sea towards the beach.

Second Rule.- The kiters who receive the wind from their right side, their front hand on the bar is the right hand, has priority.

Third Rule.- If we reach another rider from behind, we have to give priority to the overtaken.

Fourth Rule.- The kiters who overtake upwind another kite should lift his kite to prevent both kites from meeting on the air.

Fifth Rule.- The kiter that is surfing a wave have right of way against the kiter which comes from the opposite direction.

Sixth Rule.- The kiters who jump must have a free area of 50 feet downwind.

Seventh Rule.- Every boat has priority in the water over a kiter, always fall downwind of all.

Eighth Rule.- And the last rule and perhaps the most important, if in doubt, always take the necessary steps to avoid any situation.


It is advisable to read the eight rules carefully until fully understood.

When we are in the water and kiting with other people, there can always be problems, so you should have those rules in mind to react with enough time in advance.

As a last suggestion: Always be generous, as if possible avoid conflict by all means.