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The main objective of our  Kiteclub is to ensure the lowest economic cost in the learning of kitesurfing by our members, as well as to achieve it in the most secure environment possible during their practices.

Our kitesurfing courses are usually divided into 3 phases of 3 hours each. The aim of the course is to optimize your learning progressively, receiving and memorizing the necessary explanations during your practice while keeping the safety of the student at all times.

Why then “usually”?  Because the success ratio can be achieved indistinctly in 3, 6 or 9 hours.
Obviously, this achievement it’s as result of personal skills, memory, and the ability to get the most out of its kite lessons by each student.

The graphic kite training time distribution shows an ideal one-day 3-hour kite lessons period

1.- The average of students achieving this is 10-20 percent
2.- Between 30 to 60 percent of students require 2 days or 6-hour kite training
3.- The average of students, 80 percent requires 3 days or 9 hours kite lesson



Phase 1

The first part of our kite lessons includes a theory to explain throughly to our kite students the efficient use of the kite through the handling of the kite bar.  Understanding and memorizing this part is the key to success.
Once the technical explanations are concluded, the practice takes place in shallow water.

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Phase 2

Theory lesson is of approximately 15 minutes. The next step in our kitesurfing progression it’s passing through different kite models and sizes until the practice of bodydrag and positioning on the kiteboard to get into the technique of waterstart.

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Phase 3

In the last phase of our 3 days kite course, the kite student will learn how to waterstart efficiently, stand on the kiteboard and ride the first kite rides in both directions.
We will keep your practices monitorized until the end of your kite lessons, offering to our students advice and clinics until they improve their riding stance and become efficient.

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Wind and Weather in Mallorca
Very important information about wind and weather in Mallorca. What can be expected, when is the best time to come and what can we find here in terms of wind and weather through the year.


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Belonging to the kite club Asociación Aprende a Navegar facilitates your progression a posteriori.
The club membership fee guarantees support and assistance during the current year. This requires monitored practice and keep in mind every learned detail until we are able to navigate in both directions with ease.


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A 3 days kite course got me riding on the board


An unforgettable experience. Now I am kitesurfing!

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We are the only non-profit kitesurfing club in Mallorca “ASOCIACION APRENDE A NAVEGAR”