KITE BUGGY IN ALCUDIA/kitesurfing mallorca kiteblog

Kite buggy. Has anybody thought about it? … if yes it has probably been because you like to fly kites, you are most likely a kitesurfer and because you have been in a hard sand broad beach.

After a kite session in Alcudia beach, one of this winter days in which the beach is free of people and when all the other kiters are already gone, leaving the beach almost to ourselves taking profit of the low tide and the hard wet sand one of our kite friends try to ride its buggy dragged by his 9 mts tube kite

In fact, among the many beaches of our island, Alcudia beach  is the only beach of Mallorca, in which the condition of the sand, the wideness of it and the wind direction provides us with the advantages necessary to practice kite buggy … only during the winter time and on an empty beach, of course.


Therefore, if you have a kiteboard on wheels, this is your best chance to use it. to enjoy hundreds of meters of free empty space where have your rides and even throw some kite maneuvers … say hello to the camera !!!