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Kitesurfing lessons with KITESURFING MALLORCA kite-school in coordination with ASOCIACION APRENDE A NAVEGAR is the best possible way to learn kitesurfing in Mallorca, with all the safety requirements and in an atmosphere of comradeship and mutual help between kite club members, kite monitors and kite students.


How learning kitesurfing works

kitesurfing course in Vietnam

The first part of your kitesurfing course it is a brief but important theory part to introduce you in the technique and detailed understanding of the efficient control of a kite through the kite bar.

Once the technical explanations are concluded -15 minutes-, the practice takes place directly on the water. From the first steps, we study the technique of the use of the kitebar until becoming self sufficient.


In the next step of our progression we will achieve greater control of the kite through different kite sizes following with bodydragging, positioning in the kiteboard and waterstart.


In the last step of our kite course, we will be able to get up on the kiteboard and ride the first few meters.

Third day of kite lessons


After our kite course we can received monitored practice and rehearse every detail learned during our kite lessons.



The goal of our kite lessons is to be able to kitesurf back and forth in both directions with ease.

After two days of lessons


The method of learning kitesurf

Kitesurfing lessons begin with an explanation of how the kite works and how it is used – about 10 minutes-. We study the assembly of kite, lines and kitebar, we practice kite launch and landing, the technique of efficiency in the handling of the kite and the control and safety during the initial practice in shallow water – approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes.


Kitesurfing does not require exceptional strength or extraordinary physical conditions,
though, evidentlyt is important to have an acceptable physical condition and be calm and mentally relaxed.

In the learning of kitesurfing, memory and concentration are more important than muscle.
Thanks to the photos and videos of our website and kiteblog you can see the progression through the differents steps of your kite lessons.

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from our winter kiteschool in Vietnam


Following the progression with the kite, we practice the technique of bodydrag and after the positioning in the kiteboard, concluding with the first waterstarts and the first kitesurfing navigations.

The courses are open to anyone, regardless of sex, place of residence or nationality, the minimum age being advisable from 7 years of age.



Our fantastic Mallorca kitespot and one of our kite students
after his third day of the kite course




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