Where are we

Where are we?  The area of S’Albufereta Nature Park is the authorized area for lessons and kitesurfing practices in the Bahia de Pollensa, that takes place in the stretch belonging to the municipality of Alcudia, there are several authorized schools.

To find us and not confuse with any of the other authorized school, you should contact us between 9 and 11 o’clock or after 20 o’clock.  Send an email which we will answer as soon as possible. During lessons we are busy in the water.


Our beach in Mallorca to learn or practice kitesurfing
Our kitesurfing school offers kitesurfing lessons in the authorized areas of  S’Albufereta Natural Park.
Probably the best beach for kitesurfing in Mallorca for several reasons.

Bahia de Pollensa, on it’s most part considered Protected Natural Park, this makes the beaches retain their natural appearance, which in turn, invites those who goes to the beach, prefer a beach better prepared for the normal user, such as the beaches from Puerto Pollensa or the beach of Alcudia.

For obvious reasons and to avoid that during our lessons you are exposed to any type of accident or discomfort caused by other students of kitesurfing or practitioners in the area, you will notice that we are a few meters beyond the practice area, separated from all. This is to avoid discomfort and crossing lines at the same time to facilitate your learning to the fullest.

Our kite spot

Our kite school offers its kitesurfing lessons in the authorized areas of  S’Albufereta Natural Park

Es posible aprender kitesurf en 2 o 3 días


Kitesurfing Mallorca kite spot



This is the best kitesurfing beach in Mallorca for several reasons.
The Bay of Pollensa in the most part, it is considered a Protected Natural Park. 

This makes that beaches to keep their natural appearance, which in turn makes those who go to the beach prefer a better prepared beaches for the normal beach user.



This is the beach of Puerto Pollensa


This is the beach of Puerto Alcudia



The waters of the Park of S’Albufereta are crystal clear, and to the learning or practices of kitesurfing offer perfect conditions, even when being windy, there are not rough seas, which in turn facilitates the learning/practices of our sport.