If our kite falls on the waves while kitesurfing, it is necessary try to relaunch it immediately. It is very important to get that before the next wave can catch it.  When that happens if the waves are big, there is a good probability that your kite will get broken, therefore you have to act as soon as possible.

We must understand how important it is to avoid to do kitesurf in breaking waves, only advanced kiters should dare to do it, but yet, if riding on the waves, in case we lost our balance and we fall, when we are catched by a wave, we should maintain the kite in high at all costs.

kite fall on the waves what to do

If, unfortunately your kite has fall on the surf, when you’ll be able to relaunch it, considering that most likely you should have lost the kiteboard as well on the surf, you should try to reach the shore, land your kite and search for your board.

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In case that you have managed to keep control of your board and keep it with you, once the kite is relaunched, you can continue your navigation.

If the kite is still in the water when the next wave comes, it is necessary to consider the possibility of letting go of the kite by pulling the quick release.

kite fall on the surf pull quick release may save your kite

This is a decision that will make you lose your kite and will force you to get back to shore swimming. Consider also that  if there’s some people on the shore, they could get hurt by our kite.

When you remain connected to the kite with the hope to be able to relaunch it, exists the risk that the next wave can catch it, and in this case, you act like an anchor and with it the pressure that the wave will create on the canopy of your kite it’s going to get it destroyed almost certainly.

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Nevertheless, the best option may be to pull the quick release and also get free of the leash, with that, though the kite will be affected  by the enormous pressure that the wave will create on it, we will minimize the dragging effect and perhaps doing that we will be able to avoid the kite getting destroyed, although the following waves on the shore could damage it anyway until the kite reaches the beach.

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A kite, and, especially, a tube kite, has few probabilities of surviving such situation.  I have posted under this lines a sequence of photos of a tube kite when it has gone through a shore washer.

tube kite destroyed don't kitesurf in waves only experts