How clouds can affect your kitesurfing session

Planning a kitesurfing session? What about the weather? How clouds can affect your kitesurfing session?

Did you checked the forecast? There’s a very basic explanation of the different type of clouds and some recommendations about how to ride safe.

Let’s start this kite blog entry by learning a bit about different type of clouds and what do they represent:

different type of clouds mallorca kiteschool in April


High, white and transparent clouds formed by ice crystals.
Long, thin filaments, as if the sky had been covered with brushstrokes.
If isolated have no significance, but when they are covering the sky gradually, within the next 24 hours there will be a sudden change of weather with a decrease in temperature.

Cirrus kitesurfing lessons in mallorca in April


Type of high clouds that usually occupy extense areas. Are usually a sign of good weather

cirrocumulus kite courses in Mallorca in April


Cumulus are a dense type of clouds which edges change constantly.  They are clouds of vertical development, large size and have  a cotton like or cauliflower appearance.
Generally are a sign of good weather when there is little environmental humidity and little vertical movement of air, but if the cloud tend to rise in the atmosphere and becomes a cumulonimbus this can produce light showers.
With high humidity and strong updrafts they can acquire a large size, causing storms and intense downpours.

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Low and medium gray clouds. Due to their great density and thickness they close the sky so that they do not let sunlight pass through. They use to produce precipitations and lightning.

nimbus during kite lessons in Mallorca in April


Are clouds with a typical massive vertical expansion, generally, as a result of a Cumulus cloud. Cumulonimbus can lead to precipitations in the form of rain, hail or snow, and often also to thunderstorms.
Can be the cause of violent winds that can reach a speed of up to 100 km/h.

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Nimbostratus are a type of clouds low, large dark grey, with a strong vertical extent. Nimbostratus are caused by the movement of a warm front. This type of clouds can bring bad weather for several days.

nimbostratus rainy cloud kite lessons in April Mallorca avoid kiting in bad weather


Low clouds, often with the appearance of a bank of grayish haze without a defined or regular structure.
During Autumn and Winter stratus can remain in the sky throughout the day giving a sad look to the sky.
They can form fogs at ground level which usually covers valleys in good weather situations.  In certain conditions normally indicate an approaching cloud mass associated with a cold front

stratus good weather in Alcudia mallorca kiteschool studying clouds


Are generally a type of almost transparent clouds of fibrous aspect, covering the sky completely or partially
They are not the cause of rain, producing often halo phenomena (solar and lunar).
Are a sign of the arrival of a warm front.

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