Can Pastilla kitesurfing Mallorca

Can Pastilla is the first part of Playa de Palma, this is the beginning of the long beach that arrives until El Arenal, and though being a popular beach among families and tourist visitors, very crowded between the months of April and October, it is one of the most popular spots for kitesurfing in Mallorca.

The beach is sandy and there’s a water channel that next to the Yatch Club at the beginning of the beach can be used to depart and return in your kitesurfing navigations.

It is allowed to kitesurf in the whole beach of Playa de Palma, as far as you use, this or any of the many water channels along the beach and keep a distance of 200 mts from the shore, not crossing navigating by any means the yellow buoys channel which is placed all along the beach.

Between Nov and March the beach is mostly empty.

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All the water channels are marked by buoys and they are placed to signal the different beach watersports concessions that the municipalities of Palma and Lluchmayor designate, therefore you should realize that the water channel has an owner and in any case, though allowed to be used by private people it is only meant to go out to sea or return to the beach at a speed of 3 mph.
Never use the channels but to leave or to return.

Another matter is that the beach, if except for the months between November and March is generally crowded and is not a good idea to prepare, launch and land your kite.

You should be aware that there is a line of buoys situated at 200 mts from the shore all along the beach.  You should never cross the line of buoys kitesurfing because this marks the swimmers area. If you get downwinded before arriving to the line of buoys you should bring down your kite, and with the lines rolled on the kite bar and the kite on your hand, reach the beach.

Can Pastilla - does it looks as the place you should kitesurf
Can Pastilla beach during tourist season –
does it looks as the place you should kitesurf?

If failing to respect this you will be fined with a 3000 euros ticket for breaking the law of Coast and put in danger the life of people which is within the 200 meters area marked by the buoys.

Between the months of November and March the beach is mostly unoccupied and though the law should keep being accomplished, local kiters use the beach, mostly when winds are from SSE, S, SW and SSW.

This springtime kitesurfing on the months of mid March until end April, lately, is proving to be more windy than normal, more than other past spring seasons.  Is that some way of compensation for the warm, windless winter we’ve just had?

wind of SW in Can Pastilla kite course in May in Mallorca

The wind is blowing from the four points of the compass rose, west or northwest, turning to south, couple of days after to northeast and two days later returned to the south or southwest, west again and after 3 days turning southeast, the perfect picture to go up and down across the island every second day but having great kitesurfing sessions all over the island.


Asociacion Aprende a Navegar

Today, some of the members of our kite club Asociacion Aprende a Navegar. drove to Can Pastilla, in Playa de Palma, to kitesurf, precisely on the part of the beach next to the Palma Acuario

The wind, from South-southeast, fairly constant, between 12 and 14 knots. The sea a little choppy, so it was not as fun as it could have been, but this in Can Pastilla – Playa de Palma area is rather frequent.

In the following kite videos we can see a little of what was going on during the day

The Asociation Aprende a Navegar and the kiteschool  does not encourage the use of the beaches of Can Pastilla – El Arenal for learning kitesurfing neither practicing it, due to the proximity of the boulevard-promenade, the depth of its waters and the wavy conditions which are often in those beaches, as well as because the many beach users and persons strolling in the beach and its vicinity.