Which is the best kitesurfing board?

A new entry to our kite blog to remind us that kitesurfing is a sport in which a kite drags us through the water, in a board specially adapted for the best use of that dragging force … What is the best board -or thing- to be taken from behind -or under- a kite?  Which is the best kitesurfing board? 🙂

In a day of total boredom, a couple of kiters in Hawaii come up with the foolishness of seeing with what discarded sort of objects one can get to glide and sort of kitesurfing through the water.


For it, it is not necessary more than to get to the nearest green point where people use to dump their discarded objects for recycling and to choose among a whole series of pieces that in one way or another would be able to get us dragged by our kite and see what can offer us that ride and what not.

The video is fun, it’s worth watching it.




In this new video, a couple of guys, moved by the same motive – get on top of something which can be dragged, regardless how weird the “kiteboard” could be, thanks to the traction force of a kite – In this case they opt for something as simple as … a car

Okay, for this test you would need a beach somehow larger than the small beach on the left side of  Pollentia hotel beach, with its just 5 meters wide and the pile of posidonia seaweed on its shore.  Something that can be achieved in one of those big beaches that are found in other latitudes, in this case, it looks as if they were doing the video in one of this beaches of the french west coast




And just forgetting about what we have just read, which can be declared the best kitesurfing board? The best kitesurfing board resumes a phrase without an exact answer, if that was meant to be a question, of course. Is the best kitesurfing board the most expensive? the biggest? the smallest? the coolest?  There is no one a direct and true response to that question.

The best kitesurfing board for you will be the one that best suits the conditions of sea and wind where you are planning to use it and  in second place, your level of kitesurfing.  Undoubtedly it is most likely that the more you spend on it the better the product probably should be; that’s almost like that in most cases in life but yet, the board for the right wind conditions and your skills is the right answer.



And here a little more information about the brand of kites  of the last video which we saw, SWITCH KITES.  Built in New Zealand and offering the three most used sort of models regarding their shape: one type C and two other kites type Delta and Bow with a subtle more updated design -which does not mean that the C’s is a  bad kite, as they are yet used for kiters looking for freestyle manoeuvres.

SWITCH KITES also sell kiteboards and sand carts.  We include a couple of photos of each.


Kitesurf with whatever you want / Kitesurfing mallorca kiteblog

The brand of kitesurfing SWITCH sponsored the crazy test of object which may take you for a ride over the water, proposing the possibility of finding any unusual elements which would allow one of his kites to achieve the final objective. The list included a refrigerator door, a floating plastic children’s pool and some other stuff which can be seen on the video.

Offering to the winner of the rarest and most unusual kitesurfing ride – there was the hook of the kite joke – the opportunity to earn 1000 dollars to spend on any product in the official SWITCH KITES online store.