When can we say it’s too windy? Too much wind to practice kitesurfing?

Well, that, will depend on several factors.
There will be those who consider that it is never too much, there will be someone who is afraid already when a light breeze is blowing Wind! Ah, so much desired wind and then …it is blowing too strong …

In fact, we can say that it is too windy, making it clear that our capacity for judgment must be in good shape and that we must be realistic and calibrate well which is the amount of risk which we are willing to face.


wind in Mallorca, of course!

To a large extent, determining when it is too windy will depend on our weight.   For a kiter of 100 kilos, between 20 and 25 knots of wind will probably be what he wants since because of his weight, on a wind force of 12 knots, for example, it is likely that he will be unhappy.

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Your weight and the effect that this weight produces on your kiteboard, will make you need a considerable wind force, while, for example, a kiter that weighs 65 kilos, with those 12 supposed knots, will be able to ride easily .

Another question to consider is the kiteboard that we are going to use, There are boards of different sizes and shapes, also with more or less volume, all this counts much at the time of kitesurfing but it serves as a rule that at lower wind intensity, more we will appreciate those extra centimeters long and wide that a kiteboard can offer us.

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To the mentioned above we must add another consideration, often less obvious but of vital importance, because it is not only the question of compensating with more volume of kiteboard our extra body weight.

There is something called aerodynamics and that, with respect to kiteboards, it should be noted.

Not only the volume of our kiteboard is a decisive factor, it is also – and more than we may suposse – its shape, is going to play a fundamental role in the effective use of forces that the kite gives us and in the same way it will also influence the resistance that water friction with the bottom or the board will cause in our ride, which will cause very different things to happen.

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And to the above, add that the size of the kite which we are going to use as well as the type of kite also have something to say in this question of: what is too much wind?

Depending on its design, a kite can withstand greater wind forces than other kites, since being more aerodynamically efficient they will enjoy a lesser incidence in the angle in which it is positioned in the wind window and thus in the effect of taking advantage of our course in the water in function of that angle in which the wind it is received.

Depending then on the kite shape and thickness the effect it can produce in taking advantage of the kite pull if comparing this and that kite.

Some will have a greater range of use as well as being able to depower more efficiently the unwanted pressure of air on our kite, regardless of the size of the kite, something that is pure common sense.
In its design and quality of materials we have one more factor to consider.


5 kitesurfing in mallorca in strong wind

In short, too much wind is always what we should be able to elucidate and judge before putting ourselves at risk, us and anyone who comes within range.

The knowledge of the above and a good kiteboarding course should provide us with the necessary information to always act within the limits of what is appropriate.

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To round off this, a few more lines: speeds of more than 140 km / hour are needed for a person of average size to begin to take off from the ground. It is likely that if you practice windsurfing or kitesurfing, you have sometimes felt how difficult it is to walk against the wind at times.

If you have felt the same thing at some point and you were thinking about taking a kitesurfing session, that is the ideal time to dismiss it. And going further, we should not consider sailing when the wind is very strong, even if it is not lifting us up or allowing us to move forward, because that is when the greatest risk situations can occur.


7 good things cost money kitesurfing mallorca with flysurfer kites

The stronger the wind, the greater our exposure to danger.

8 wind in Mallorca in June kitesurfing on the island

Keep in mind that it is not necessary too much wind to kitesurf, but to have the adequate equipment to navigate in the adequate conditions which do not suppose an evident risk.
Long life and good winds.