Kitesurfing courses in Mallorca

Finally! You took the decision to have a kitesurfing course in Mallorca and you have accomplished successfully the task.

You have chosen our kite club / kite school and have had a great time and have had a successful kite course and now it is your responsibility to practice kitesurfing on your own

kitesurfing lessons mallorca


Once you have finished your kite course

You will buy the kitesurfing equipment according to your weight and the wind conditions in Mallorca in which you will practice.

In the following points, we will remember the important details to take into account to make your kitesurfing sessions safely and always in control.

de compras por el kitesurf



Said so, here are some basic but important points to consider when you go kitesurfing on your own.

don't go kitesurfing alone

1 .- Do not sail alone, whenever possible


check well your kite gear

2 ·-  Inspect your kitesurfing equipment, bridles, worn lines, depower rope in good condition, chicken loop should work properly


3 .-  Make sure that bladders of your kite do not lose air and the kite fabric it’s in good condition

check bladders and canopy


4 .-  If your kite it’s a foil type, pay special attention, everything should be perfectly connected and without entanglements

tratamiento especial a los foils de flysurfer


5 ·-  Be aware of potential weather changes and be sure of where your navigation can end if something goes wrong

too much wind no kitesurfing

6 ·-  Use the kite size according to the wind force, if you see that wind rises, return immediately

7 ·-  Know always your limit. If in doubt, do not go kitesurfing


broken kite swim to shore now

8 ·-  Keep your energy, do not ride further than you can swim, if you feel tired, return to earth.


bad weather no kitesurfing

9 .- In case of a storm, preferably, don’t kitesurf.
Even in normal wind conditions we must always take all possible precautions.

The strongest and most dangerous winds in Mallorca occur during Autumn / Winter, sometimes also in early Spring.

The best time to kitesurf in Mallorca it’s summertime, during the months from Mid April until the last part of August and beginning of September we will have thermal winds daily.





Kitesurfing courses in Mallorca
A new member in our kite club

Today, Jose, our new kite student, ended his kitesurfing lessons with our kite club/school

1 positioning for waterstart kitesurfing course in Pollensa

2 first waterstart Jose kitesurfing in Pollensa


Jose took a 3 days kite course but due to his skills, during his first 6 hour of kite training, started with the waterstart.

3 up he goes waterstart and kite lessons in Pollensa

4 first kitesurfing meters in Pollensa bay


This photos show his evident progression and how he managed to ride his first hundreds of meters

5 kite Peak 9 meters succesful kite course Mallorca

6 kitesurfing in the other direction kitesurfing mallorca


First rode towards his right and then, towards the left, over passing the starting point and later returning without any problem

7 Portblue kitesurfing club Mallorca kite lessons in June

8 Jose best kitesurfing school in Mallorca

The equipment he used for his kitesurfing lessons, a kite Peak 9 mts of the kite brand Flysurfer and a kiteboard size 170×50 XL model also from the same brand, Flysurfer from year 2016.

See here the right of way once you are kitesurfing


kitesurfing courses in Mallorca