The wind window and windfalls

On this blog entry we’re talking about the wind window and windfalls.  That concept is intended to explain the trip of a kite from the take off from one side of the wind window until it reaches the opposite side and also to understand how should we act in case of a windfall.

That window -space- , must, in the first place, be identified by looking straight forward and turn our face slowly in both directions, your nose should be pointing the direction in which wind is arriving.

Once clarified that matter, we notice that all that lies before us is the power zone. The power zone is the part of the space before us where the kite has its maximal power.

The kite must be handled in such a way that we position the kite in the most suitable area for our interest.


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We should then chose the further point from any obstacle in the extremes of the wind window and launch our kite at 90 degrees of the incoming wind.

This movements have to be performed slowly, carefully and smoothly. Once we have done that, we will park the kite at an approximate 50 degrees angle from the ground and walk towards the water.


kite high less upwind

When we are already up on the board and riding.  We should steer the kite from near 12 to 10 -or 2- o’clock, considering that the higher the kite is, the less the power we will receive, and opposite, the lower the kite, the more drag and more power we will create.

To compensate the drag we will keep our front leg stretched and we will apply pressure with our back leg into the edge of the kiteboard.


It is necessary to understand the wind window, by instance, in case of possible windfall.
If you suspect a possible windfall, head towards the coast asap.

The kite placed at 11 or ar 13 in the wind window will mean we are bounded downdwinded, fastest way to reach the shore.

kite wind window esp.


In case of a windfall and in order to reach the beach again we have to position our kite at the best possible angle to get some power in direction towards the beach.


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