Kitesurfing lessons in Alcudia

Alcudia, in North Mallorca, definitely has one of the broadest, largest and perhaps, most beautiful beach of our island. 

Unfortunately to have kitesurfing lessons in Alcudia during the tourist season is it not allowed.  The beach is reserved to be used by people which want to lay under the sun or bath, which means, from 30 October until 30th April, the beach is basically not used by swimmers and sun bathers, therefore, the service of life savers is not starting to be operative until May 1th.

 playa de Alcudia kitesurfing mallorca in April

We have to wait until the end of the tourist season, from 1th November and until 30th April, when the beach is empty, to profit the chance to kitesurf there. It was during this period, when Martina and Toby, a couple from Germany, visited us.  Toby already had some previous  lessons and some knowledge of kitesurfing,  that is why he took his kitesurfing equipment with him. Martina, a total beginner wanted to have some kite lessons.

On a beautiful day of light Southeast breeze and 16 Celsius, in April, we arranged to begin the kite lessons for Martina

In the first photo, on the broad part of the beach not far from the Port of Alcudia, free of any obstacles and without anyone who may get annoyed or hurted, we started our kite lessons

1 kitesurfing lessons in Alcudia in April Martina from Germany

The first kite we chosed to start the training was a Flysurfer “Cool” model. This is a open cell softkite, which is very easy to control and which offers a great stability and handling. At the same time it is virtually impossible to damage it.

2 Martina and Toby kitesurfing lessons in german language in Alcudia

On the next step, once Martina is managing enough control while standing, she starts to fly her kite while laying on the sand which gives her the possibility to make the precise movements with the kite bar, which she will later do on the water when bodydragging

3 water kite lessons Mallorca Abril kite course with Martina Flysurfer kites

After that, arrives the moment to get on the water, this time flying a relaunchable kite, practicing in shallow water on her knees and on a next step, starting with the bodydragging training

4 Martina learning how to waterstart kite course in April in Alcudia

Then arrives the awaited moment to change to a bigger size and start positioning on the kiteboard. Martina stands up on her kiteboard and starts riding. This first track, thanks to the shallow waters of Alcudia beach is in direction towards the beach

5 kitesurfing lessons in April in Mallorca Martina first ride kitesurfing

And in the last photo of this small kite report, we can see Martina riding in perfect control and safely kitesurfing in both directions

6 This kitesurfing lessons 6 hours Martina, was a skilled kite student.

This kitesurfing lessons took place during 6 hours, taken on 2 consecutive days. Martina, definitely, was a skilled kite student.
Congratulations Martina, we wish you a successful kitesurfing life.