Cheapest kitesurfing lessons in Mallorca

You have decided to take a kite course -congratulations!- but you are tight on budget. Read the following lines. Cheapest kitesurfing lessons in Mallorca.

A cheap -or an inexpensive- kite course is not necessarily a bad kite course. Is that a correct statement?
Well, generally expensive things use to be better quality.
That may be right but not necessarily always.

In our case, if we can offer the cheapest kitesurfing lessons in Mallorca is not because the lack of quality, and this is not just an opinion, that is a fact. The main reason behind this fact is that our philosophy it is not based in the commercial interest –ASOCIACION APRENDE A NAVEGAR– but into help and facilitate to everyone the approach and the learning of kitesurfing.

Please, have a look and check on our kiteblogs on the two webpages of the kite school/kiteclub and see the number of kite students that end their lessons standing up on the kiteboard and riding.

Evidently there’s not a blog entry for each of our kite students but there are uploaded enough examples as to make clear that inexpensive is not equivalent of unsuccessful … but the opposite.

Check on our kite blog pages
You will get important information that will be necessary for your preparation, if you want to learn kitesurfing or just surf, if you already know, and also about the best dates and conditions of sea and wind more suitable to come to Mallorca. le



1 cheap kite course is not bad kite course

In the following set of photos we can see once again how one of our kite students at the end of his 6th hour of practices starts riding the kiteboard

In the following set of photos we can see once again how one of our kite students

Our kite student and new kite club member is a young Dutch guy, René, who, after a successful waterstar, he rides towards his left, kitesurfing at good speed and in total control

3 kitesurfing mallorca kitesurfing at good speed and in total control

now René switch direction and rides back in the opposite direction while the kite teacher watch him carefully from the shore

Dangers during kitesurfing
Dangers during kitesurfing

How to learn kitesurfing?
How to learn kitesurfing?

4 his kite teacher watch him carefully from the shore

René’s riding again towards Sa Marina kitespot with a kiteboard Flysurfer 170×50

riding again towards the left with a kite board 

The kite that René is using is a Flysurfer Pulse 2 model of 14 sq meters.  The job it’s done René. Congratulations! … now it is time to keep practicing by yourself

This is just one more example of how one of our students, thanks to the right tuition, the right equipment and the right wind conditions can learn kitesurfing without needing to spend a fortune.

Then we may get to the original point: Why our kite lessons are the cheapest of Mallorca?

The best kite model to learn kitesurfing

Kite equipment it ‘s already expensive enough, for us to consider to offer affordable kite lessons.

Our first contact school kites are an special kite model, the Peak of FLYSURFER, the perfect tool for learning kitesurfing and the safest from the point of view of not taking unnecessary risks at the same time that they are absolutely flying efficient and almost indestructibles.

Therefore, in our kite school we don’t need to invest a huge sum of money in kitesurfing gear every year while still keeping the highest percentage of success through our kitesurfing lessons.

Get into our kite blogs and webpages and see the numerous examples of how people learn kitesurfing and there’s not a better example that a reportage or the photos in which you can see how this is just a fact and not a simple opinion.

Learning kitesurfing doesn’t need to be expensive. Learn kitesurfing in Mallorca with us.

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