The best kite model to learn kitesurfing

There are two type of kites. Foils and tube kites. Each of them has pros and cons. Today we are going to see which is the best kite model to learn kitesurfing.

kite model for learning

New times, new kitesurfing equipment

As the title of the blog entry says: the best kite model to learn kitesurfing. Is it possible? Is this a serious and honest opinion ?

We live new times, in fact, we already know that any time is new with respect to the one that just passed. So, how can you say that a kite, just this one kite is the best one to learn kitesurfing? … The arrival of  new kite equipment that previously did not exist has somehow broke all the schemes, this is the intention of this blog entry. Explain why this is the best kite to learn … in Mallorca, I should add.

In Mallorca, it is broadly known that there is not much wind -though there’s some wind almost every day-

And now I should ask: why does a kite fly? and you will say … because it is windy. Yes it is. That’s basically why a kite flies, but … and why else? well … and there you stop and think …

The first reason why a kite flies is evidently because there is wind. The second reason is because the size / weight ratio is favorable, or in other words: if a kite is heavy, and large, it will not fly so easily. If it is heavy and small, it will not fly neither, unless there is a lot of wind, from which it follows that a kite will be more likely to fly if should be essentially light weight.

Remember what we have said before about Mallorca, there is not much wind here, of which the next deduction is that we will need a big kite because the wind is mostly light, and, there we go again. The bigger the kite, the heavier will be, obviously … it will not fly so easily regardless of its size unless it is blowing some good amount of wind but won’t be able to fly if the wind is just light.

Then you have to move to another place where there is stronger wind, isn’t it? Shall I move, left Mallorca behind and go to … mmm … let me see … Oh! Yes! The Cape of Good Hope!  Also known as the roaring forties.  Where 40 to 60 knots daily is the normal wind intensity.

Of course not. What you have to have is the largest and lightest kite you can find. And from there it comes out a new deduction. Mmm … big but light, bufff!  Surely it will be a breakable stuff, the sort of thing that will broke right away.

Well, not necessarily, precisely in our case it happens the opposite.  The type of kites I am referring here are light, very light but are as well very strong and also among its characteristics we find the last reason why a kite flies:  The third and last reason for a kite to fly  it’s aerodynamics.


1 buy yourself a Peak flysurfer kite

Meaning that our kite is big, and even on a real light breeze you will manage without problem to kitesurf in as little as 6 knots and you will be able to have kite lessons on as little as 3 knots.  There we have! our kite is very light, it is also very strong and above all it is very aerodynamic. You can see through the hundreds of photos on our websites how easy is to learn with Flysurfer new Peak kites.


The best kite for Mallorca

We are talking about the type of kites known as foil kites, but “without belly” from the German kite brand Flysurfer. This kite’s name is Flysurfer Peak. This are kites meant for use in snow, or hard sand or grass, on wheeled carts, or wheeled kite boards and skis or snowboards, although we have tried to use them in the water for lessons, and the results have been simply amazing.

Its advantages are several, from the minimum weight and space they occupy inside a bag; to its simplicity – but not so much – of construction, and when one day they break – a day sooner or later everything has to get broken – its repair is very easy, but especially, the biggest advantages that I see on them are, namely: They fly with almost no wind, with a blow, they are already in the air and above all, they are super stable.

2 kite school in Mallorca with Peak 6 mts from Flysurfer

They are powerful, in fact, very powerful given their size, powerful but docile, without excessive reaction in the bar and without too much speed in the wind window, which could be described as: forgiving, truly forgiving kites.


Flysurfer Peak 9 mts model

Why forgiving? Simply, because if you lose control of the kite and you get dragged forward, with letting go of the bar, the kite falls and lies on the sand and folds as if it was a handkerchief.  If it falls on the water and the wind is light the kite stuck to the water surface which represents an advantage on the first kite rides of a novice rider. You will never get dragged towards the shore, so you can kite safely.


Daphne, a new student of our school / kiteclub

Having said that, I’m uploading a new post to our kite blog where you can see a lady, Daphne, who after the first three days of her kite lessons is achieving the expected success.

3 a first pic of our student when she waterstarts

here we have some first pics of our kite student when she waterstarts for the first time in barely 10-12 knots of wind in which Daphne starts her successful kitesurfing ride

4-Daphne up on the kiteboard kite lessons Mallorca

After sending the kite forward, Daphne stretches her front leg and applies pressure with the back leg and gets up from the water and begins her navigation.

6 good positioning on the kiteboard

Daphne have to use all her sense of balance always riding forward and avoiding the small waves

6 crossing the small surf

Everything happens quickly, and, although the drop of water in the lens of the camera on the next pics annoys me a lot, our new kitesurfer girl continues advancing and gaining meters, although … now is riding closer to the shore

7 kitesurfing closer to the shore wind in Mallorca

I also have to mention that the Flysurfer XL board makes things easier, especially when it comes to not lose high and profit the minimal breeze intensity that is blowing at this moment

8 Sa Marina kitesurfing lessons in Pollensa Daphne

Daphne has gained very good control of kite and board thanks to her 3 days kite lessons with Mallorca Kiteschool, switch direction and stretch her front leg again

12 Daphne towards Portblue hotel beach

Congratulations Daphne. A new kiter to join the group of friends and club members of Asociación Aprende a Navegar and Kitesurfing mallorca school.

kitesurfing Mallorca