The best kite for Mallorca

Yes, indeed, it sounds pretentious and biased. I am sorry to tell but that’s what it is. Why the best kite for Mallorca?
Well, easy to explain. Mallorca it is not a very windy place.

That if, although there is not much wind, two things are also remarkable: There may be not a lot of wind but there is wind 90 percent of days, at least during the “good wind season” which is from March until mid/end of September.


Speed 4 Lotus kitesurfing school Palma de Mallorca beginner lessons

Said so, if one has the right equipment, you will certainly be able to kitesurf almost every single day. And that said, there’s one last couple of remarks.

The thing about the best kite includes another couple of features. It is not just the best kite for the given wind conditions in Mallorca but it also has a very relevant further qualities: they does not break, or better said, they very seldom break.

Flysurfer Sonic FR kitesurfing lessons in Mallorca

They do not leave you down for a faulty valve or a leak in the bladder … because they have not valves neither bladders to explode or get punctured, neither you do not have to break your back pumping it.

If you add to all that the fact that in light winds, due to their light weight, thanks to the materials of which are built, they perform great and in almost not wind at all you manage to have a good -or an acceptable kite session- where otherwise there would be no session at all, there you have everything said. Which tube kite can beat all that?

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Kitesurfing in Pollensa Bay, Mallorca
in September

Let’s continue that blog entry with one more example of how Flysurfer kite foils excel in light wind conditions, -not only, but above all-

After what was the three-day break without any wind at the end of last week, it seemed our thermals started to be part of the history, on the other hand, something rather expectable for that time of the year, considering that we are already on the third week of September. The photos are from last Monday, I mean, Monday’s last thermal wind episode.

1 Pollensa Bay kite lessons and a low cloud kitesurfing mallorca

To start the day, notice the curious “almost smoke” – low cloud – that suddenly took the bay of Pollensa in its earliest hours and that at some point it almost reached the shore

2 the fleet starts awaking some kites on the air

After a couple of hours of no wind at all, the first thermal breeze arrived and the wind intensity got up to 14 knots from 13h on, for more than three hours, to, finally die, slowly and gradually.

The algae beach of Sa Marina began to awake as the word spreaded that the thermal, after a 3 days break had reappeared and an early and eager crew of kiters started pumping their 14 and 12 meters kites, taking the waters happily minutes after.
The wind direction of NNE / NE, constant wind and not gusty.

3 the last thermal of the year and flysurfer kite foils

4 Speed 3 in action Mallorca kiteschool in September

After three hours, as expected at the end of summer, the breeze began to fall, so that the fleet of kiters began discreetly to retreat to the shore, especially all those who were riding with small size boards.

On the other hand, as it usually happens, after a while, the wind went yet a bit more down for the second time, and an hour later, intermittently, with some agonic ups and downs, the wind almost failed at all.

5 learn kitesurfing with Speed 3 Mallorca lite lessons

6 from behind the kite bar great success Mallorca light wind

In fact, what really happened was that all the fellow kiters riding on small boards were the first to be taken off the scene, next, all the kiters trying to ride on their 12 meters tube kites, and, as always, those riding the Flysurfer foils, continued their kitesurfing session one more hour to say the less.

7 kitesurfing lessons in Mallorca with Flusirfer Speed 3 15 mts

And there ended the thin, a late delightful ride, a gift of the last part of September, in what it will become only a memory … that of the summer thermals of 2017 and until next mid/end March where our beloved thermals will blow again.

8 the beach action is down but the kite foils are yet up


kitesurfing lessons in Mallorca in September

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