Kitesurfing course

Our Kitesurf course is divided in lessons into 3 phases with the aim of optimizing your learning and having the factor safety at all times.

Phase 1

The first part of your kite lessons includes a theory part to explain you the efficient use of the kite through the kite bar.  Understanding and memorizing this part is the key to success.
Once the technical explanations are concluded, the practice takes place in shallow water.

Phase 2

Theory lesson is of approximately 15 minutes, after that, the rest of your kite lessons takes place directly on the water. The next step in your kitesurfing progression is passing through different kites and sizes until the practice of bodydrag and positioning on the kiteboard to get into the technique of waterstart.

Phase 3

In the last phase of your 3 days kite course we will learn how to waterstart efficiently, stand on the kiteboard and ride your first kite rides in both directions.
We will keep our monitorized practices until the end of your kite lessons, receiving advice and clinics, improving our riding stance and becoming more efficient.


In two days I was sailing!

Incredible but true.


Great! Great discovery

Fun classes



We are a non-profit Balearic kiteboarding club “ASOCIACION APRENDE A NAVEGAR”

The best and cheapest option to learn kitesurf and progress safely and in the best environment of camaraderie and solidarity.

Our kite lessons and practices take place with products of the brand FLYSURFER that represent maximum guarantee of security and success with our kite students.

You can view all photos and videos of our kitesurfing students in Mallorca on the following links:

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Following the next link you will gain accees to our webpage of our winter kiteschool in Vietnam