Accidents of kitesurfing

Accidents of kitesurfing. Okay, definitely it sounds scary, nobody wants to suffer a kitesurfing accident.  
I suffered a small accident the other day. Actually it was not so serious … but it could have been.



Yesterday I fell. Probably many people fall every day, nothing happens most of times.

But yesterday I fell while kitesurfing. I did not lose control of the kite, it was not the big accident, but could have been.
Many people fall also kitesurfing, nothing happens most of times, actually, it depends of where you are falling, of course …

What happened is that … yesterday it was me who fell when I was kitesurfing, and that was due because I came so close to the shore that, the bottom of the board, probably the  middle fin which is the longest – I was riding on the 160×44-  was the cause of the accident. And I got a notorious wipe out.

Risk situation kitesurfing accidents in Mallorca


Avoid riding too close to the beach

Nothing really serious happened. Well,  it actually did.
I twisted my left ankle a bit, but I was not riding too fast in this moment either.

More than anything, what was happening was that the wind was sort of agonizing and to not lose my track and get downwinded, I abused of my luck and I ended riding too close to the beach.

Also because at the same time I was trying to avoid the number of kiters who, all along the shore, were standing in the middle of the way with their kites at the zenith.

And as I approached more than necessary and without even having reached the shore, while trying to avoid them, in those shoals that are close to the shore, my fin got stuck on the sand.

There were a number of folks with their kites on the zenith, realizing that there wasn’t enough wind to start their ride and since they were meditating on the absurdity of human existence and the uselessness of having set up a 12 mts kite.

This is the size which many of the tube kite users have – and a small kiteboard -of those, there also a good number of them around-, they became simply obstacles in the middle of the scene, and there, while trying to avoid them, I trusted myself and I got stuck on the sand and flew forward.

The wind wasn’t barely reaching 6 knots on the shore, and perhaps 100 meters further out, 8 knots and sometimes a little more but not even reaching 10 kts.  So, for lack of prevision as I approached so much to the shore … I became enmeshed.


Kitesurfing “almost accident”

I already said, it was nothing serious, that’s it, the board was stuck, it stopped abruptly on its track and I flew forward, I landed in the sand, three or four meters away and that was it. As I said before, through my involuntary flight.

I managed to control the kite, but … and what if not? … and what if I had failed to control it? … mmm … bad! … very bad!. Learn from the experience!

I stood up, surprised … and humiliated. I walked a few meters offshore and went back kitesurfing towards where I had come, upwind and avoiding “the human pine trees” until, thanks to my Flysurfer L board and my incredible Sonic FR 15

I gained high enough on my track again to keep my session 100 meters from the shore, enjoying the 2 extra knots that blew on the outside.



On account of the previous situation: Do not go near the beach while sailing
It is necessary to change direction do it without hesitation, if possible at least 10, or better, 20 meters from the shore.

For both reasons, both obvious.

1 / .. Because what happened to me, could happen to anyone but maybe with less luck: loss of control of the kite and finish crashing it on the road or as a lesser problem, controlling the kite in extremis, but twisting badly your ankle or … breaking your clavicle.

2 / .. For the unpleasant possibility of receiving a fine of 3000 euros, if the “Pafite” -Territorial Fiscal Police patrol of our beloved Guardia Civil- witnessed what happened.

losing speed just before the Kitesurfing accident in Mallorca

The photo above, shows me losing speed as I get closer to the shore

What has been said: Do not ride so close to the beach, that you can get stuck in the sand with the fins of your kiteboard.
We must always turn and get away from the shore with enough space and … nothing justifies doing anything other than that.

A video of the happy moment in which I reach planning in the 6-8 knots, but better slowing down and riding away from the beach before arriving at the shore.

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